I am passionate about photography. For me it’s a way of life.
I am Never very far away from a camera of some kind or another. Frequently heard saying “stop, just seen a great photo!” I have a very understanding and supportive family.

I have travelled widely and photographed extensively, and now I am settled in Norfolk with my partner, my two young children and my two cats. I am never short of a muse. I  Love working with children and for this reason children relax around me. A family portrait session should be about having fun. So whether it is in a studio or just in a place you love, I will endeavor to capture that sparkle of enjoyment.

I love photographing people and it is something I am naturally drawn to. Being part of your wedding day, the greatest day of your life, is a privilege and a responsibility I take seriously. It’s not just my job to take photos; I am there to put people at ease when emotions are running high. I have even been seen balancing two cameras whilst helping a nervous bride into her shoes! I work in a calm, friendly and unobtrusive manner capturing every element of your day, those tiny details, tears of joy, a moment of laughter shared between friends and the way people look at each other when they are in love. I work hard to get the best shots so I can tell the story of your special day.

I feel truly lucky to be paid to do something so creative. So if you like what you see, contact me and we can discuss your requirements.

Joanna Killingworth